• Our Mission

    MISSION STATEMENT: The Putnam County Fair Board aims to supply ten times of enjoyment and pleasure. We make every attempt to make sure all occasions and amusement continue as planned; nevertheless, occasionally things occur beyond our control. The entrance charge isn’t for almost any a particular occasion, but enables you to have a number of displays, displays, and trips. Consequently, we ought to impose our NO REFUNDS plan.

    Fairgoers won’t be returned their gate entrance under any conditions. If, for whatever reason, an event to terminated after spending an access charge for that occasion, then your access fee-only is going to be repaid. We can’t ensure your fulfillment while joining our reasonable, but we experience we provide a broad enough selection of sights for satisfaction for an entrance charge of $7.00. We do welcome your work and wish you appreciate your trip to the Putnam County Fair.

    1. No guns, guns, harmful products, or alcohol consumption permitted on Fair Grounds. Violators will soon be escorted in the reasons.
    2. Putnam County Fair, Inc. or its people won’t result in any incident suffered about the fairgrounds, unintended or else.
    3. The Good Board reserves the only to construe its regulations, and also to decide arbitarily all issues and variations in respect thereto, that there’s no charm.
    4. The Good Table thinks no responsibility for displays, nevertheless, we shall consider every sensible provision due to their safe keeping.
    5. All creatures about the reasons should fulfill State-Of West Virginia health needs and tips. Observe this Portion Of catalog prior to making accessibility within the Reasonable. Contact your qualified doctor. Documents might be examined.
    6. No pet or dog is likely to be permitted to work free. Creatures not on display aren’t permitted about the Fairgrounds.
    7. In case there is no opposition in a-class, the best is reserved to honor another reward when the display isn’t worth a greater positioning. The Good Table reserved the best to mix courses where there’s inadequate opposition in a-class.
    8. No posts or creatures will be enteared to get a quality until possessed entirely or component from the individual providing exactly the same, so when possessed with a minor, the content or pet might be joined in title of such minor.
    9. No cards, pamphlets, ads might be placed on Fairgrounds except in your own display room.
    10. All participants should maintain his/her region clear and neat.
    11. Division chairmen may have total control over their particular division susceptible to the acceptance of the Board. They’ll get the posts or creatures joined for exhibit and place them within their correct location. Disappointment of any individuals, person or childhood, to adhere to guidelines or demands of individuals in control may lose all rates gained.
    12. No board individual is likely to be allowed to do something on any challenge upon articles or pet showed by him or by which he’s a pursuit.
    13. Displays should be positioned and eliminated based on occasions outlined in each department.
    14. All childhood on Fairgrounds after 10:00 p.m. should be chaperoned with a mature person. Gates will be secured as planned.
    15. When the profits of the Reasonable after spending costs aren’t adequate to pay for rates entirely, rates due might be prorated.
    16. Solution Admission Policy:
    Common entrance towards the Putnam County Fair is likely to be the following:
    Everyday Seats – Bought in the Gate – $7.00 – all-ages 5 or more.
    Season Passes – All ages 5 or more – $25.00 (includes trips)
    Period goes availabale as much as and including opening time. No period moves offered after opening time.
    Seniors (with Mountaineer Card) – Wednesday Just………….$5.00
    Costs include entrance plus all carnival rides.
    NOTICE: State rules need peak limitations on person trips and should be followed.
    Cost doesn’t contain food and game stands.
    All Concession Stand employees, including officials and Board, wil be asked to existing seats to become accepted in the gate. FREE TICKETS WON’T GET TO ANYONE.
    17. Automobile Admission Policy:
    a) Only cars with moves mounted on the window is likely to be permitted to mix the link. Automobiles should park in specified locations about the fairgrounds.
    W) All guests in automobiles should have entrance seats.
    D) Only automobiles with disability license plates is likely to be permitted to playground in designated disabled areas. Violators will soon be towed and are susceptible to penalties.
    N) the low link is likely to be secured to manage use of the barn location.
    e) Overnight truck with authorization of the Panel only.
    18. All judges will be hired from the personal Division Chairman of the Putnam County Honest and also the choice of the judges in each division will be closing. No exhibitor might hinder the judges in virtually any method, susceptible to the forfeiture of all or any prizes.
    Judges won’t provide any display an honor until within their viewpoint it’s therefore merited. If you find just one exhibitor in a-class, the judge will show just one honor,whatever one the exhibitor might benefit within the viewpoint of the judges.
    All statements for mistakes in prizes should be produced in individual towards the chairman of this department before display is eliminated.
    19. 4h participants should be signed up for the Putnam County 4h Plan.
    20. The Putnam County Fair doesn’t discriminate by competition, shade, national foundation, intercourse, impairment, era, or faith.
    21. Sneakers and tops should be used while on fairgrounds.